Valuation Options

Valuation Options

Valuation Options


Valuation Options

Standard Valuation

When it comes to relocating, you want to be sure that your items will arrive in perfect condition. While the local and long-distance movers at Moovers Inc go the extra mile to handle all our customers’ belongings with care, accidents can happen, but thankfully, our team provides you with moving valuation options. We use the industry standard valuation method when determining basic coverage, so you’ll never have to worry about loss or damage to your property. Additionally, our movers use the latest in professional-grade moving supplies to provide the ultimate in protection, and because we’ve partnered with the world-wide power of the National Van Lines brand, Moovers Inc has access to a vast amount of resources for added peace of mind.

Advanced Moving Insurance

Aside from our standard moving valuation, we also provide advanced coverage solutions for individuals and business owners who need to move sensitive items. We handle everything from piano moving to antique moving, and we can provide you with additional moving valuation options to ensure that the full value of these types of items will be reimbursed in the event of an accident. Our advanced coverage options are also great for our commercial moving customers who are relocating high-value business assets, including electronics and equipment. Valuation coverage varies along with varying levels of deductibles ($250, $500 or $1,000). Advanced valuation may provide full repair or replacement value to your commercial goods, as determined by a licensed inspector or repair firm. Ask us about the different types of valuation and which is best for your particular situation.

Why Buy Valution?

One of the most misunderstood parts of any commercial or residential move is understanding your moving valuation coverage options in the event that any damage occurs to your goods that are being handled or in transit. As previously mentioned, valuation coverage options for repair or replacement with a predetermined limit of liability based on the rate per pound is a moving industry standard level of valuation coverage. Full Replacement Valuation, with a varying level of deductibles provides full repair or replacement value to your items, as determined by a licensed inspector or repair firm.

However, it all comes down to, is your personal or commercial property worth risking loss or breaking during the move by not having it insured.  Does the cost of replacing your items outweigh the cost for valuation coverage? Feel free to ask us about the different types of valuation and which is best for your particular situation.


Valuation vs. Insurance

Our valuation options are not insurance and are not governed by state insurance laws. Instead, they are authorized by the U.S. Department of Transportation (Released Rates Orders of Surface Transportation Board).

View our pamphlet on Understanding Valuation and Insurance Options by clicking here.


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